Not open Shirasato Beach 2020

 2020 Shirasato Beach is difficult to implement sufficient safety measures due to the fact that the end of the new coronavirus infection is not expected, so we decided not to open a beach in consideration of the safety of citizens and visitors first. We are very sorry to those who were looking forward to it, but thank you for your understanding. Currently, the Shirasato Beach parking lot is free, and the parking fee is free. Showers attached to coastal toilets have been suspended to prevent the spread of covid-19. In addition, please confirm the following “For visitors to Shirasato Beach” and keep in mind when visiting.

★ the remote stream of the sea, “A break-off stream is a ocean current that flows from the shore to the occurs on the return path of the waves that hit. The off-shore flow generated on the sandy beach is 10m to 30m wide, 200m long offshore, and the flow rate is about 1-2m./s, but depending on the wave, wind strength and direction, the flow rate and flow rate are further increased, and even those who are good at swimming can get out against the flow. (1) Calm down without panicking(2) Swim parallel to the shore (3) When it is washed offshore, turn around and learn more about the offing flow that swims in the direction where the waves are

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